Escorts in HOTEL ONE Islamabad

I Had an Escorts in Hot Hotel One Night in Islamabad

When I was in Pakistan, I used to work as an escort for a well-known and high profile Indian official. He was a celebrity so I worked as an extra in many events he was involved in. But that was my job – not that of an escort. When I went to see him, I found myself being pampered and treated royally. My boss, who had the most gorgeous Indian model wife working for him at the time, made sure that I received all the best treatment – from the time I stepped into his office until I left.

That was my job, and I did pretty well. But I was there for the special moments. He used to send me out with some other important dignitaries to some extremely important events in Pakistan. The first time I went there was to interview General Pervez Musharraf, the prime minister of Pakistan at a conference in Islamabad. I was introduced to a beautiful model wife by one of his aides. We were introduced to our escort agency by an Indian private investigator who had helped the prime minister on previous visits and was now part of his personal protection force.

I was chosen to go to her home in Islamabad. She was assigned to protect me exclusively and we had a beautiful and exclusive flat in the north of the city. My escort provided all the arrangements and we set off in a car that belonged to her. We arrived at the hotel just in time for a party that she hosted. I was introduced to everyone and treated royally.

After the evening party, we were ushered into a large conference room where I was to give a speech. As I stood there waiting for my turn to speak, I couldn’t help smiling as I pictured the beautiful women and men who were there waiting to hear from me. I thought it would be great fun to make a name for myself in this special room. It was my chance to be someone special and speak about my faith and what I stand for.

I was asked to stand up front and to introduce myself to my escort. The man standing next to me was very pleasant. He introduced himself and offered a warm welcome to our new friend. He was tall and handsome, a little on the thin side but still handsome. He was a very gentle giant.

Our escort introduced us to the leader of the team. I was introduced to him as Dr Rashid. He introduced me to another member of the group, Shareef. He introduced me to another member, Mustafa. We were all very happy to see each other.

We were then taken to a room in the hotel. It was a very large room. There were several other people sleeping in the same bed. This was a surprise for us all.

The other day, we had a quick breakfast. As we were leaving, the escort that helped us came over and told us that he used to work for a very big company. The boss was a very nice Arab guy. He invited us to have lunch there and it was nice.

He took one of our bags into the break room and then disappeared. Shortly thereafter, there was a knock at the door. When we answered the door, there were three men waiting there with their backs against the wall. They spoke English very slowly.

They identified themselves as Escorts in Islamabad. I asked them where they were from and they replied, ” Dubai, United Arab Emirates.” I thought to myself, “This is a new city. What country are these people from?”

I asked one of the Arab names and discovered that he was from Yemen. We ended up having a great conversation and I learned a lot about this country and their culture. I enjoyed my time there. A hot hotel in Dubai is a great place to stay!