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Escorts in Ambar – A Positive Review

In the month of July, 2021, I went to Ambar with my husband and three young sons. We had booked rooms at Riazath Dinar Plaza hotel and had decided to stay there until Saturday evening. This was a convenient and very budget friendly option for us. I was disappointed to find that this hotel did not allow outside food in the hotel and we were disappointed to say the least.

I was prepared to pay about twenty dollars per person per night and a forty five dollar meal. Unfortunately the host was a very rude and heavy breather. He refused to open the window and did not let any of us in. He also kept a group of escorts outside the door and did not let anyone inside. He made us wait outside for over an hour before he let us in.

I was upset and could not understand what he had to lose by letting people in who paid. When we asked him what he was doing wrong he said he was just cleaning up the mess left behind by his previous guests. I do not understand how a hotel can charge twenty dollars per night for a cleaning crew to come in and clean. The staff must have been very busy that they did not have time to clean up. There are too many problems with this establishment.

The food in Ambar is very bad. My children ordered lamb and beef dishes and received soggy portions and raw meat. My husband ordered beef kebabs and was offered nothing to eat. I guess he thought they were going to be tasty. I would never eat the raw meat.

The service was also substandard. The hotel staff did not take our requests seriously or show any type of hospitality. My husband and I left quickly as we were not happy with the way the restaurant was run. We will definitely avoid staying at this hotel again.

The other problem that we witnessed was the attitude of the wait staff at the front desk. They did not smile or give our a smile when we came in. They even did not show any gratitude when we told them our name and thanked them for the discount. They didn’t ask us if we needed anything. When we asked for something the female staff at the desk just said no.

When we went to get our drinks another customer wanted the manager to call the room we were in and pay for our drinks. The manager did just that. As we walked out the door the cashier was talking to someone in the waiting area. She did not look my way or address our names. All she did was tell the other party our names and gave us their number.

Overall, our experience was not pleasant. We will definitely stay away from this hotel in the future. Although our initial impressions were not great, we will stick with our original choice next time because our experience with the hotel’s staff was not great.

Escorts in Islamabad were very friendly and helpful. Their driver greeted us and handed over our keys. After he put our keys in our lock, he handed us each a bottled water. Then he drove us to our room. When we arrived our Escorts informed us there was a misunderstanding and our rooms were booked for the next day.

Upon our inquiry as to what the misunderstanding was, our escorts informed us the customer had been turned down for reservation. Despite this, our experience with the hotel was still great. Our driver showed us courtesy and took care of our needs as well as giving excellent customer service.

One of the greatest things about Escorts in Ambar is that they are very accommodating. They were willing to take the time to listen to our complaints and problems. Instead of just ignoring us, they addressed our concerns. As a result we felt valued and treated fairly. This is definitely a plus when you’re trying to make positive changes in a business. Other customers will see how attentive you are to their needs.

The staff in the hotel was very efficient and reliable. Escorts in Ambar treated all of their guests with respect. We never felt uneasy going to our rooms. The staff was patient with us and gave us the attention we deserve. Overall, the Ambar hotel was a great place to stay. If you’re planning a vacation to Honduras or anywhere in Latin America, consider using Escorts in Ambar.